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    Contact Us

    Below are the primary contacts for T4G inSL:

    Note: Look for our avatar names when you’re in world and feel free to IM us. (Those messages will be forwarded to our e-mail accounts should we not be in world at the same time.)

    T4G inSL, Wired-Retail Smarts

    Wayne Valaitis
    (SL Avatar Name: EDucator Freiman)
    Vice President – Operations, FSW, Inc.
    475 Clinton Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06605
    E-mail: wvalaitis@fswinc.org
    Phone: 203-368-5554
    Fax:  203-332-7637

    T4G inSL Project Coordinator

    Kate Robbins
    (SL Avatar Names: Trudy Takacs and Trudy T4G)
    E-mail: Kate@talent4growth.org
    Phone: 203-292-5528   Fax: 203-292-5528
    Skype: Trudy.Takacs

    Wired-Retail Smarts Moodle Administration

    David Robbins
    (SL Avatar Names: Evad Slade and Evad T4G)
    E-mail: David@talent4growth.org
    Phone: 203-292-5528  Fax: 203-292-5528