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    Preview Second Life®

    Dear T4G instructors and program administrators,

    We recommend that you preview a few of these before your orientation session to help you get acquainted with the Second Life® virtual world and its possibilities for education.

    Global Kids Science in Second Life – Fossil Fuels (sierracathy. June 09, 2008)

    Global Kids Teen Second Life Anniversary Party (holymeatballs, May 09, 2007)

    Education in Second Life  (j0esanchez August 20, 2007)

    Student Second Life Projects (j0esanchez, October 08, 2008)

    Obama in Second Life (Draxtor Depres, October 17, 2008)

    Second Life and Public Health (University of Michigan)

    Second Life Loyalist College Canadian Border Simulation (VWDC, May 02, 2008)

    Virtual Social Worlds and the Future of Learning (WadaTripp, March 22, 2007)